Serena Woods.
With consummate elegance.

Luna Park at Dusk

Mysterious, captivating, and passionate, I also have an uncanny ability to interpret the mental state and thoughts of others. This makes me the perfect lady for the more intelligent and astute gentleman.

I have a plethora of optimistic personality characteristics and my instinct’s are powerful. I am an enthusiastic and expressive woman who loves all pleasures of life.

I have been told that many people find my gaze and mysterious air very attractive. I am available for shorter, casual dates but I choose quality over quantity any day, and my aim is to have a select few in my life for an extended period. 

I value intimacy and honesty. We will get along if you earn my trust, maintain my curiosity, surprise me with thoughtful gifts or gestures. Be relaxed and laid back around me, be emotionally steadfast, keep our secrets and be open and forthcoming with your feelings.

I am an adept lover because I can easily sense what the other needs, and have the passion to deliver.


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